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founded on creativity, knowledge & expertise

Iain Blair

Director - Innovation & Technology

Iain has spent the last 35 years developing & commercialising packaging solutions for the world's largest packaging companies such as Bowater, Rexam & Amcor.

For 7 years he led Amcor's Innovation & Design Group as General Manager, building a reputation for successfully delivering effective innovation to many iconic brands across Australasia. 

He brings significant technical knowledge and process knowhow to Birdstone, along with inquisitive mind and experience to position brands and build equity. 

+61 409 488 172

Grant Davies

Director - Design & Strategy

Grant brings 20 years design experience & knowledge to Birdstone having worked on multiple market leading packaging solutions and projects.

A degree in graphic design and significant experience in structural design led Grant to Creative Director and Studio Manager at Amcor's Innovation & Design Group. 

For the last few years Grant has further developed his experience and skills leading significant innovation projects with major Australasian customers, developing design strategies through to commercialisation. 

+61 419 504 310