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Tasty Little Things

Branding that's as delicious as the product itself

Tasmanian brand Omni Salt produces a range of popular seasoning products based on delicious local sea salt and poppy seeds. Looking to streamline fulfillment and broaden their product range Omni Salt engaged Birdstone to undergo a rebrand with a new name, logotype and packaging range.


Highlighting the appetite appeal and versatility of the product, Birdstone created the Tasty Little Things brand. Playful type and product ingredients interact to create a dynamic composition that varies across flavours within the range.


A neutral colour pallet for the masterbrand allows for the seasoning flavour to be reflected through a single, bold colour on pack, that blocks on shelf. The packaging is elevated from multi-labeled packs to digitally printed pouches, which has streamlined product fulfillment.

We’re so thrilled with our new look. Big thanks to the Birdstone team for the brand concept, new packaging, and slick new website. We’ve loved working with you!

– Emily Quintin, Tasty Little Things Director

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