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Food For Dogs

Putting your dog’s needs first

Launching a new brand into the into the competitive dog food market poses a big challenge for brand owners.


Birdstone was engaged by our client during the strategic phase of the project, identifying actionable insights and positioning options. Using our strategic process we explored a number of naming alternatives and creative executions, selecting a simple name and brand identity on a disruptive pack architecture to cut through the current retail landscape.


Food For Dogs is about taking care of your best friend. This is highlighted through powerful, emotive photography showcasing the special bond between a dog and their owner. With this important relationship at its core, the rest of the branding affirms the brand proposition that when it comes to food, simplicity is best.​

It is rare to find a design agency that is able to meet all three requirements of quality of outcome, cost and time. Birdstone are superb packaging designers and excellent project managers.

–  Ridley AgriProducts

Creative Makeable Sustainable

Design Strategy

Idea Generation

Concept Development

Structural Design

Branding & Identity

Graphic Design

Finished Art



Supplier Management



Solution Roadmap


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