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Winning on the deck

The team at Birdstone is delighted to be a finalist in the 2020 PIDA, Design Innovation of the Year Award – Domestic & Household category for Cabot’s Ready Bucket.

As the leading deck care brand in Australia, Cabot's are always striving for innovative solutions to meet their consumer’s needs. They required a unique new product that fuses the functionality of an application bucket with the convenience of a tin of oil.

The Cabot’s Ready Bucket has been designed as secure packaging for the product combined with application functionality and storage for future use. During the design process 3D modelling and SLS prototypes were used for concept refinement and functional testing, fast tracking the development time.

Key product features include:

  • A tamper-evident, integrated seal that keeps the highly viscous decking oil from leaking during transport.

  • A low center of gravity to aid stability.

  • Internal pad-off platform designed to work with both decking oil applicators and paint rollers.

  • Integrated carry points at the front and back of the bucket allow for easy transport and eliminate the need for an additional handle.

  • The integrated base skirt provides stability whilst allowing the bucket to slide around the deck easily during application.

Collaborating with packaging manufacturer NCI, we were able to design a seal mechanism for the highly viscous oil with much greater integrity and efficiency. This team approach ensured the makability of the design concept and an effective handover to manufacture.

The Ready Bucket is made from 100% recyclable PP and can be easily cleaned for secondary uses. As decks require regular maintenance, it is expected that consumers will primarily reuse the bucket as an applicator tray every season rather than dispose of the packaging.

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