Telstra Sleeve

The introduction of an efficient new distribution technology to deliver thousands of products every day left Telstra with a challenge; the majority of mobile device boxes in their range were too small to take full advantage of their new right-size delivery system.

With a brief to eliminate plastics, minimise transport damage and provide an improved brand experience, we designed a one-piece carton board sleeve, sized
to accommodate every phone in the Telstra catalogue.


Through the clever use of geometry and material behaviour, the sleeve adapts to securely encase the phone box. The remaining angles at each side reach out and fill the void within the shipping carton, eliminating rattle and protecting the precious cargo.


Additionally, this unique canvas has been used to convey Telstra brand and sustainability messaging to consumers. Importantly, this mono-material sleeve and the outer shipper carton can be easily recycled.

Read more about Telstra's commitment to sustainability here.